Forum services, Script Installation, Server maintenance

Add a Forum to your site

Expand your business services

Do you need a FAQ, customer support, user chat area? You will benefit your company by adding a forum to help promote your products and support your customers with indepth information.

Providing a well maintained up-to-date forum is key to any business today. Give us a try.

Script Installations

Software installation

Do you have software that you need installed on your linux hosting account? We can help you with that. Although some software require settings that only your host administrator can provide. If you do not have administrative access, we will do our best to work with you and your hosting company to make the proper adjustments.

Server Monitoring and basic maintenance

Maintain your services

Did you acquire a server or dedicated Linux resources and not have time to watch things as closely as you like? We provide many low cost services that you may need.
  • Services Monitoring
  • Service Optimization
  • Log Monitoring
  • Firewall Installation
  • Security Monitoring
  • Server Hardening